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Here’s how to finally take that trip — even on a shoestring budget.

A few months ago, an old friend reached out to check off an item that had been on both of our bucket lists for some time: going to see the 1947 UFO Crash Site in Roswell, New Mexico. As excited as I was to iron out the itinerary and reconnect, several years of tracking my every expense made justifying the trip and fitting it into my monthly budget more of a stressor than it needed to be. …

Here’s how I keep my monthly bill under $70 with consumer prices on the move.

Trick #1: Shop on a full stomach

While the smell of freshly baked bread right as you walk in the store is meant to make you feel hungry and that when you’re hungry you’d logically buy more food, that’s not the meat of this tip. Instead, when you’re hungry, your ability to make sound purchasing decisions tends to rapidly deteriorate. In fact, USC professor Norbert Schwarz found that hungry shoppers tended to not only buy more of what they need, but that they also made…

Here’s what to do instead.

I hate to admit it, but I love TikTok. From the puppy videos I obsessively share with my partner to the cooking hacks I find myself writing down as I sharpen my skills in the kitchen, I can easily get lost in the platform. But in the process of finding the cute pups and weeknight recipes that I keep coming back to, I’ve also heard loads of terrible yet wildly popular financial advice.

And while most of the bad money advice on there either promotes get rich quick schemes or egregiously downplays the time and…

10 common yet wildly unnecessary purchases to avoid

#1: Name Brand Pharmaceuticals

According to the FDA, generic prescription drugs cost an average of 80–85% less than the name brand. And while buying generic in the case of some consumer goods means sacrificing on quality, the same premise doesn’t apply to pharmaceuticals. This is because the FDA requires that generic drugs meet the same quality and efficacy standards as the name brand. As a result, these generics are made to copy the brand name with the exact dosage, intended use, side effects, and strength. …

15 unbelievably common, wealth-destroying pitfalls to avoid at all costs.

I started my personal finance journey a little over two years ago when leaving a toxic job forced me to redefine who I am and what I value. But in order to get there, I had to break up with emotional spending, step off the hedonic treadmill, and learn from others what it meant to live an abundant life far below my means. Before long, a pattern emerged among those whose books, podcasts, and in-person advice I’d consumed so regularly.

The key to frugal living didn’t lie so much in…

Rethinking 90% of what I knew about relationships

When I first met my partner, I thought I knew exactly what it took to have a happy, healthy relationship. After all, mutual respect, trust, and love didn’t seem too difficult to arrive at with the right person. But being in a committed relationship with a serial entrepreneur has forced me to abandon all of my preconceived notions of how these three tenets play out in a successful relationship — especially when one partner has an obsession for what they do.

Here’s everything I learned from falling for a serial entrepreneur —…

Game changing drugstore dupes that work just as well — at a fraction of the cost

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty new to frugal living. And being relatively new to the lifestyle, I’m constantly finding new ways to downsize my spending. Especially as a skincare and beauty enthusiast, I knew that I could probably get away with making a few cuts in that department. So as I’ve hit pan on some of my favorite products over the past few months, I’ve challenged myself to find a cheaper alternative instead of immediately repurchasing the luxury option.


Avoid these money traps in a post-pandemic world

With most of us returning to normal just in time for a Hot Girl Summer part 2, spending lots of money on the experiences that we’ve delayed for the past year is going to be especially tempting. And while I’m not by any means endorsing restriction just for the sake of it, being mindful of your spending in a newly reopened economy is going to be especially critical to your financial wellbeing for several reasons.

First, if you’ve been fortunate enough to remain employed during the pandemic or have found other work…

A complete wash day routine

Now I know what you may be thinking. That there’s no way that washing your hair once a week will even work for you let alone benefit your hair in any measurable way. Frankly, I was just as skeptical last year when I stumbled across the concept of hair training. But because at the time I’d ran out of ideas to fix my severely damaged hair and hadn’t had much luck with even the most expensive haircare routine, I decided to give it a shot.

And now nearly a year later, I can definitively say…

What it is, how to assess your risk, and what to do about it

Defining The Problem

Since I live in a rather dry climate and have perfected the art of at-home hair color over the past year, I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of dryness and damage. But besides my using box dye every couple of months, I struggled to understand why the condition of my hair had deteriorated so dramatically since my last move. After all, I was still trimming my ends regularly, deep conditioning every night, using only color safe products, and avoiding hot tools…

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Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m passionate about beauty, personal finance, and how the two often intermingle.

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